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The I scan everything (ISE) is a device which helps people with a visual impairment to recognize various food products. The camera implemented in the device scans the barcode of a product and tells the user what it is and what the expiration date is. Not only, does it work with food products, but

also with non-food products like cleaning supplies and hygiene products. Which makes our product the optimal recognizing device for in the kitchen, but also for in the bathroom or storage room. On this website you will find more information about the device and the design process.

During this project, the design challenge is revised three times. After gaining more information it became more clear how the design challenge could be improved.

Together with our co-designer, we strived towards a product that would ease her daily life and could be used by other people with late-onset blindness. 


The concept movie explains our concept and how to use it. This will be added in the last week of the module.

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